Answer: In the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament in Ezekiel 9:4, the word “TAW” or “TAV” is used. The definition of “TAW” is “mark” or “sign.” The shape of the TAW is “x” or “†”. In other words, it is shaped Cross, and that is why in the […]

Is the Sign of the Cross Biblical?

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According to many Anti-Catholics the Pope Praise Lucifer. Watch the video here: http://newsgru.com/lucifer-is-god-declared-by-pope-francis/ Is that correct? Let us answer: Actually the issue is very old. The word Lucifer in the video is Latin in English “Morning Star”. Obviously the Language in the Vatican is Latin. Let us read the 2 Peter […]

Did Pope Francis Praise Lucifer?

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“FORWARD THIS TO 14 PERSON IF YOU DON’T WANT TO DIE ETC.” That is the most common chain messages or letters that we can read every day in social media especially on Facebook. Should we believe on this? The answer is NO. The Bible really condemns this. FOR THOSE PEOPLE […]

Should we believe in Chain Messages, Horoscope?

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LETS US UNDERSTAND WHAT IS THE TRUE https://www.levitradosageus24.com/levitra-cost-walgreens/ MEANING OF “SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE” by: Joaquin G. Bernas, SJ, Dean Emeritus of the Ateneo de Manila Law School and a member of the 1986 Constitutional Commission that drafted the present Constitution. It is sometimes thought by some that separation […]


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Dear President Duterte – Tatay Digong, I am a “hypocrite” and I supported you in the last elections! Mr. President, I am 100% Roman Catholic and I am proud to be one! I am not perfect. I am also a persistent sinner who is struggling to find my way to […]


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PALO, Leyte, May 23, 2016 – Since the Old Testament is full of Divine punishment, wrath, and death, surely God is pro-death penalty or is He? A priest explained why this is far-fetched. Fr. Ivo Velasquez, Dean of Studies at Sacred Heart Seminary in Palo reacted to a general idea […]

Is death penalty Biblical? Priest explains why not

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Duterte calls Catholic Church ‘most hypocritical institution’ Watch here: http://news.abs-cbn.com/nation/05/22/16/duterte-calls-catholic-church-most-hypocritical-institution Answer by Fr. Allan Are we a “hypocrite church”? A response: 1. The catholic church has a long lists of charitable institutions taking good care of the abandoned, the neglected, the sick and the dying whose fund solely relies on generous […]

Answering: Duterte calls Catholic Church ‘most hypocritical institution’ by Fr. ...

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Upang lubusang maunawaan ito, gagamitin ko ang Mateo 6:7 na ginagamit madalas ng mga kaibigan nating Protestante at Iglesia ni Cristo (ni Manalo) at ng Dating daan ni soriano: Mateo 6:7 (Ang Biblia), At sa pananalangin ninyo ay huwag ninyong gamitin ang walang kabuluhang paulit ulit, na gaya ng ginagawa […]

Sagot sa tanong: Bakit kayong mga Katoliko ay ang haba ...

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Una una po ang mga Pari ay inutusan ng Diyos na magpatawad walang inutus ang Diyos na deretyo lang sa kanya ang pagkukumpisal ng kasalanan. E kung dederetyo ka sa Diyos san ka titingin? sa hangin? sa puno? tsk. Ang turo po ng ibang sektang tumutuligsa sa katoliko na hindi […]

Bakit nga ba kailangan pang dumaan sa Pari ang pagkukumpisal?